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Replacement Keyboard for ASUS K52 K52J K52F K52JR Colour: Black Compatible Model number: ASUS K52 K52J K52F K52JR Asus A52, Asus A52F, Asus A52J, Asus A52JB, Asus A52JC, Asus A52JE, Asus G51, Asus G51J, Asus G51V, Asus G51VX, Asus G53, Asus G53JW, Asus G53SW, Asus G53SX, Asus G60, Asus G60J, Asus G60JX, Asus G60V, Asus G60VX, Asus G72, Asus G – Compatible Part number : 0KN0-E02US03, 0KN0-E05UK03, 0KN0-E05US03, 0KN0-FN2UK03, 9J.N2J82.101, 9J.N2J82.201, 9J.N2J82.20U, 9J.N2J82.A01, 9J.N2J82.A1D, 9J.N2J82.C01, 9J.N2J82.C0U, 9J.N2J82.C1D, 9JN2J82.C0U, NSK-UGA01, NSK-UGA1D, NSK-UGC01, NSK-UGC0U, NSK-UGC1D, UG201, UGC0P

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