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Replacement Keyboard for ASUS K50IJ K50IN Colour: Black Compatible Model number: ASUS K50IJ K50IN Asus F52, Asus F52q, Asus F90, Asus K50, Asus K50A, Asus K50AB, Asus K50AD, Asus K50AE, Asus K50AF, Asus K50C, Asus K50I, Asus K50ID, Asus K50IE, Asus K50IJ, Asus K50IL, Asus K50IN, Asus K50IP, Asus K51, Asus K60, Asus K61, Asus K62, Asus – Compatible Part number : 0KN0-EL1RU01, 0KN0-EL1US02, 0KN0-G31US11, 0KN0-G31USN1, 9J.N2J82.Q01, MP-07G73RU-5283, MP-07G73SU-5283, NSK-UGQ01, V090562BK1, V090562BS1, V095662AS1, V111462CK2, V111462CS2, V111462CS2 US

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