CPU Fan replacement

Laptop CPU Fan replacement

If you are looking to replace your damaged or noisy Laptop CPU Fan you will find that very few computer companies offer this service or have stock. The CPU fan is a very critical part of the laptop and is by far the part that causes the most laptops to completely fail.

The importance of proper cooling in laptops cannot be overstated. Improper cooling can result in significant performance loss and you may ultimately end up paying more for a laptop that actually performs less.

Laptop Mechanic

have a wide verity of CPU Fans and import o a regular base. If you need a replacement or just a service of your laptop we can help at an affordable price.

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How to prevent overheating 

All you need to do is periodically clean your laptop so that its internal components do not start to be overcome by dust. Using compressed air or just using a smooth, lint-free cloth to clean your machine is two of the easiest ways to do this and neither is especially costly.

Clean a laptop fan with compressed air

For removing dust from both the outside and inside of your laptop, cans filled with compressed air are fine. They are very simple to buy online or find in local shops. You may prefer to open the outer casing of your laptop to expose the fan, other internal components, and to blow in the compressed air. However if you are knowledgeable about computer hardware and understand the risks, it is probably best to open up your laptop in this way.

A much safer and faster alternative is to blow the compressed air into your laptop from the outside, aiming it at the cooling vents. Use short bursts of air while doing this, particularly if you’re aiming directly at the fan, so you avoid spinning the fan too fast and potentially causing damage to it. You’re unlikely to remove all the dust from your laptop using this method, but it should be enough to unclog any moving parts and keep your machine cooler once you turn it on and start using it again.

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